Ways to Stay Fit While Traveling on Business

In today’s busy corporate environment, it can be very difficult to keep fit and healthy especially if your work requires regular travel. If you’re in a role that requires significant travel both out of town and especially overseas, then you’ll know what I mean that it can be difficult and sometimes (seemingly) impossible to keep up with a regular travel fitness routine.

This is evident, when you’re overseas in a foreign country on business that you’re unfamiliar with – having little to no real knowledge of where the local gyms are located, not to mention being preoccupied with preparation for meetings, conferences or any projects that your work requires of you.

I know how it feels – you Google ” Gym [insert your city]” – and up comes several gym options that are local to you; you try to find the easiest directions via walking, taxi or whatever. You may even go on the said gyms website, check out price, quality, and what gyms there are. Depending on where you travel, whether it’s a third world country or a very highly developed one, the range and quality of equipment will drastically vary. Personally, I hate this level of uncertainty, and I want to stick to a regular routine and quality of equipment to use.

That’s why I now advocate that travellers who want to keep fit take a piece of equipment with them. But what equipment may you ask? It has to satisfy several criteria:

1) Be light and portable: This is a caveat for travel, you don’t want to be lugging a 24 pound kettle bell in your backpack and trundling that through customs do you?

2) Be simple and easy to use: Who wants to take out some complicated contraption that requires pins, springs and rubber bands to help setup? Plus, you don’t want to waste time setting up when you want to slot in an exercise session

3) Be reliable: Durability is essential for long term use. Always stick to the good brands that people vouch for.

In stating that, from my experience, the TRX suspension trainer meets all three requirements. If you haven’t heard about this nifty piece of equipment, to give you a brief it was developed by an ex-navy seal who needed to help keep his troops in shape when on the road. Hence you can rely on the effectiveness and durability of such an instrument.

The TRX trainer is simply two large suspension straps that can be adjusted and fitted to a door, or wrapped around a tree branch. Best of all, the resistance is your own body weight, and can be adjusted depending on the positioning of your body. The key feature of this kind of work out, is that it emphasises a full body exercises and utilises your core to maintain stability.

All About Refurbished Fitness Equipment

Most people today realize the importance of staying healthy and keeping their bodies in very good form. There are many reasons for making healthy choices and apart from healthy eating, getting physically active on a regular basis is also emphasized a great deal. Many people are now realizing how expensive it can be to become a member of a local gym and as a result, buying gym equipment to use at home is becoming a popular choice for most of them. Once of the easiest ways to ensure you get your own equipment is to consider buying refurbished fitness equipment.

While there are many reasons you can have for buying refurbished equipment, perhaps the issue of cost comes at the forefront. You should start by speaking to your doctor about your fitness level before embarking on an exercise regime. Thereafter, register briefly in a local gym for some trial period and while you are there, learn all you can about different forms of machines. Find out about their prices on online shops before seeking for refurbished ones; this way you will know how much money you will be saving.

Most of this fitness equipment you will be buying will have come from some of the most exclusive health clubs which will have been used and thereafter reinstated to the best quality possible. You want to avoid buying some cheap products that are sometimes very weak and dangerous without proper value for your money. You can end up getting some of the best brands at a reasonable price without breaking the bank.

You will be surprised why some of the refurbished equipment you buy at a budget ended up in those shops on the first place. In most cases, the owners discard them for very flimsy reasons. There are cases of original owners who return such fitness equipment simply because they fell out with their color. On the other hand are those that received scratches during the trial period or when they were being delivered. For these small reasons the sellers are always wiling to make a big cut and this is where you should probably benefit from.

As long as you make your purchase from a reputable business, you can be sure they will give you a warranty that equals what one gets when buying brand new equipment of the same caliber. You are also sure of getting high quality spare parts as well as service at costs that are low and affordable. Last but not least, those shops that deal with refurbished gym equipment always have a large variety such that you are sure of getting anything you want.

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